Ten Hidden Gem Songs to Make you Happy Now

Happy Music

Photo Courtesy of Living Green Magazine

It’s a beautiful morning.  The sun is shining, the air is fresh, and the blue sky is as bright as my good mood.  As I bounce into the car on my way to work I begin looking for a soundtrack to match my day and sugar-laced cup of coffee.  This is where a “feel good” playlist comes in handy.

Innumerable studies have proven music’s positive effects on our emotions, and we often seek specific genres to reflect our current feelings and experiences.  When we’re feeling happy-go-lucky, we’re likely to prefer upbeat, peppy tunes.  In the same way we seek “break-up” music when we’re going through a relationship split.  The music and lyrics offer a conciliatory effect, letting us know someone else understands our feelings and can sympathize. Music can also influence our mood – happy  tunes can cheer us up, relaxing ones can impart calm.  The American Music Therapy Association asserts theHappy Music value of applying music to help individuals cope with stressful situations including stress, grief, and trauma.  A recent psychological study found we use music to regulate mood, to achieve self-awareness, and to express social connections.  In other words, music plays a valuable role in helping us control our emotions, to come to a clearer understanding of ourselves, and to connect with others through a common interest.

So, if you find yourself in jovial frame of mind or perhaps need some tunes to brighten your mood, you’ll enjoy this list of ten of my favorite happy-go-lucky, get up and go tunes.  It’s unlikely you’ll find these songs on the radio.  They’re the hidden gems, the lesser known “goodies.”  Many of these are songs I pilfered from the happy scenes of favorite movies, others are favorites from Pandora or friend recommendations.  For the movie tunes, you’ll not only find the name of the artist and album, you will also find the name of the happy movie from whence it came in case you’re looking for a feel-good movie to go with your soundtrack!

Enjoy and happy listening!

Happy Song - Gone in the Morning Newton FaulknerGone in the Morning

  • By: Newton Faulkner
  • Album: Hand Built by Robots
  • Movie: Morning Glory


Happy Song - We are the Tide - Blind PilotWe are the Tide

  • By: Blind Pilot
  • Album: We are the Tide
  • Movie: Christmas with Holly


Happy Song - Neon LIghts - Natasha BedingfieldNeon Lights

  • By: Natasha Bedingfield
  • Album: Strip Me (Deluxe Version)



Happy Song - Give a Little - HansonGive a Little

  • By: Hanson
  • Album: Shout it Out



Happy Song - I Want You Back - Colbie CaillatI want you back (iTunes Sessions)

  • By: Colbie Caillat
  • Album: iTunes Session



Happy Song - Good to be Me - Uncle Kracker and Kid RockGood to be Me (Featuring Kid Rock)

  • By: Uncle Kracker and Kid Rock
  • Album: Happy Hour: The South River Road



Happy song - Dance All Night - Ryan AdamsDance All Night   

  • By: Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
  • Album: Cold Roses
  • Movie: Must Love Dogs


Happy Song - Mat Kearney - Hey MamaHey Mama

  • By: Mat Kearney
  • Album: Young Love



Happy song - come fly away - Jeremy FisherCome Fly Away

  • By: Jeremy Fisher
  • Album: Flood
  • Movie: The Big Year


Happy Song - Little Lies - Dave BarnesLittle Lies

  • By: Dave Barnes
  • Album: What we Want, What we Get